6 DIY ideas

6 ideas to create DIY home textiles

Chloe Hines 

Creating your own textiles is much easier than you think – and if you’ve noticed – it’s actually become a recent trend! Check out all the idea boards with DIY (Do It Yourself) wall hangings, throws, pillows and more!

These DIY projects are easy and accessible for everyone with a minimal amount of supplies and time!  Tired of seeing items you’ve chose to decorate with in all of your friends homes? We have the solution! Personalized home textiles bring a sense of uniqueness to any space as they lessen the amount of mass-produced, stereotypical items you might otherwise purchase.  Let each of your items tell a story and speak for themselves. There is also an incredible sense of achievement and feeling rewarded after you complete your own projects that buying just can’t provide.

Below we have listed six ideas for ways in which you can create your own DIY textiles either alone or with help – and every single idea is guaranteed to brighten up your space instantly!

Simple and effective table cloths

You might not always like table cloths laying on your kitchen table – but you must admit that they’re nice when it’s time for a special occasion.  Draw, think, or sketch out holiday ideas – and make them come to life by sewing or crocheting your own table cloth!

The best part about making a table cloth is that it is easy to measure, sew and most importantly, change with the seasons.  And remember, people will be consuming food and drinks on the materials you choose – so choose both the materials and colours wisely!
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