6 ошибок декорирования, которые следует избегать

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Your Home

payel mukherjee 


Decorating can be tedious when a plan is not in place. Without sufficient preparation, there can be a lot of errors in judgement while decorating. In order to avoid mistakes, it is good to conduct research on what works best in a room before beginning the work. 

A common mistake people make is to clutter the living room with all their favourite things. It's never good to keep a lot of objects in one room or place. The second mistake is not choosing the right furniture that will go with the overall décor of the place.

Wallpaper should be kept minimal to make the room look spacious. Always allow the room to breathe by not crowding it up, especially in a tropical climate. Also, bear in mind that not every item in the room will go together – there's no point in matching every item with another.

Ready for some more tips? Then read on for your foolproof guide to decorating!

Whether it's a large spacious living room or a room with tight space, it's better not to put all your favourite objects in the same room. It will not only make the room cluttered but would be a point of distraction. It helps to be creative in such situations and try grouping similar objects together and removing other objects to another place. This would also be one way to showcase the best pieces in one place. Take a count of the number of picture frames and art prints and distribute them around the room, creating a focal point of interest. Remove the rest as this can be used later. The final result after the designing should be clutter-free and not overwhelming.

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